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22.04 | 09:40

Is letting go part of us facing the pain right now and doing the grief and mourning work? So we can get to the collateral beauty? Would l love to reach that place but not quite sure how?

22.04 | 08:27

Sounds like you have lots of good family support.T.y.for explaining the importance of family &extended family connections through this awfull time.

22.04 | 02:20

Love the imagination about how to deliver the fun.The little ones sound so precious.I especially like the very end of this story.hard but true.working on it.

22.04 | 02:13

I found giving their things to charity to help someone else to be the most helpfull & rewarding at the same time.including his favorite car to a legitimate mission. your transparancy is so helpfull &

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